Funny Nicknames for a Boyfriend Girlfriend or Spouse

Oh these terms of endearment that we give to the ones that we care so deeply for. Funny little nicknames are the very loving way that we show our partner that we are happy to be close to them.

Do you have a funny nick name for your boyfriend girlfriend or spouse? Perhaps something akin to Dearie, Dollface, Lovie, Pookie, or Sweet Honey Bunches of Ducky Doo. Sticky sweet, super sentimental, funny, goofy, and often whispered with the deepest emotion from our heart these are the wonderful terms of affection that we give to the one that we love. The nick names that we bestow onto our spouse boyfriend or girlfriend can sometimes be embarrassing but generally they are just plain old cute.

A superhero nickname for a girlfriend boyfriend husband or wife? Yes, there are plenty of those and they tend to be a popular theme for couples. Sir Galahad, my shining knight in tin foil, Superman, Batman, Mr. Fix it, Tarzan, my Honey-do, and my Super hero are just a few of the nick names that a wife or girlfriend will use to describe her boyfriend or husband.

These pet names are used to let her man know exactly how appreciative she is of him being there for her. Sure they are voiced with a humorous undertone but the loving message is still the same, "You are my hero and I am so very glad that you are here".

Women are not the only ones who use this form of endearment either. Men also use the super hero term of endearment to show their appreciation for their partner as well. Super girl, Wonder woman, Super mom, my Angel, and my Genie, are loving nicknames that boyfriends and husbands often apply to their girlfriend or wife to let them know how much they are needed.

We Rely on our Loved Ones for Safety and Security
We Reward their Loyalty With Touching Terms of Endearment

These terms of endearment truly are sweet. There is a reason why we give the ones we love the names that we do. We want our soul mate to know how special they are to us and these designations are part of how we do this. They are special to us and we want to reinforce the bond that we share. We have pet names for those we care most deeply for.

We start using these little terms in reference to the special someone in our life generally pretty early in the relationship. Husbands do it, wives do it, and boyfriends and girlfriends do it too.  The individualized titles that we give to the ones we care for are meant to bring us closer to them, to give us a special bond that is meant for just the two of us to share. (Am I bringing back a few memories yet?)

Although sometimes these names are a simple mannerism of one partner, generally these terms of endearment are little words or phrases that develop through shared memories and time spent together. Dear, Darling, Sweetheart, Love, and Lovey are a few of the more common names that spouses and lovers share with one another. 

Food terms of endearment for your special someone? Yes indeed. We have a tendency to use sugary sweet words in reference to our chosen mate. Nicknames frequently used by lovers to one another are Sweetheart, Sugar, Lollipop, Sweet meat, Honey, Luscious, and Gumdrop. 

If we were adding these endearing sentiments into our coffee or tea how very delightful our daily hot beverages would be. Sweetie, Sugar pie, Pudding, Sugar plum, Plum, Pop, Sweetie bum, Honey bunch and the list goes on with the sugary undertones. I wonder if words such as Splenda, Aspartame, and Saccharin will ever catch on? 

Ah, but how truly sweet love is but our love for food theme nick names for a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife, does not end with sugary terms of affection. We love our food too much to stop there. Lamb chop, Pork chop, Heifer, Duckie, Porkie, Chickie, Chickie Poo, Dumpling, Pumpkin, Turkey, Horse meat (and I don't even want to try to figure out why that one is in here), Man meat, Hunk of Beef, Carrot top, and Aphrodisiac are a few more pet names for the person we love. We want our play mate to know how amazing they are to us. These loving nicknames create a personal bond. Funny goofy or silly titles are common to whisper to our loved ones. 

A few of the funny nick names that spouses and lovers give each other are Smoopy, Snoopy, Snuggles, Cuddles, Goofy, Poopie, Stinker, and Twinkle toes. Are you recognizing any of these terms of endearment yet?

You may detect a little underlying sarcasm in some of these names but that is something that is just naturally to be expected in relationships. Our lover, best friend, and spouse is the one we interact with the most often so we are likely to have a few disputes every now and then. There is a lot of love in the names we choose to bestow on our mates, but let's face the cold hard facts, there are days when they are stomping on our very last nerve and frustrations definitely occur. It shows in the names we bestow.

Man thing, Woman thing, Old man, Old woman, Grumps, Gramps, Grandma, Smarty pants, Fancy pants, Buttercup, Huggy bear, Pooh Bear, Tiger, Stud Muffin, Booger, Lover, Tiny, Hubbs, Wifey, and Kitten are a few more nick names that we use.

Just to let our lover know how important they are to us, we also give them names which would usually be voiced to a best friend. Names like Buddy and Pal are used because a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, really are the very best of friends.

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