Soul Mates

As we stumble along our pathway in life we somehow manage to find each other. True love does exist and most individuals will at one point or another in this lifetime find the one person that they will define as their soul mate. 

Do we find this person purely by random chance or is true love a much deeper predestined plan that a person can no more likely alter than we can destiny itself? Do true soul mates actually exist? The answer to that question depends on who you are and what ideologies you believe in.

Soul mates are so closely bonded it is as though they are one being. Love comes in many levels of emotion but it is the depth of emotion, understanding, and loyalty that soul mates feel for one another that defines their union. They share a bond of devotion that holds them strong to one another as though joined in a singular heart and soul.

True love is often found through an accidental meeting but is this pairing of souls predestined to occur? It is a question that many people ask of themselves and their relationships. A person can love many times in life but true love is beyond depth. Once you have experienced it you will remember it for all eternity. It infects your mind and your heart and you haven't a clue how or why it happens. It just does. 

Love and how lovers find each other in this big wide world is as mysterious as is the emotion itself. Perhaps a magnetic or physical attraction draws you to your soul mate or perhaps a brief glimpse into that persons eyes and into the emotion that rests deep within them is what lets you know that you have fallen in love. There are definite signs which indicate that people are searching for and attracted to a very specific type of individual and that it is this joining that will most likely result in a match of lasting love.
Mythology Theorizes that we are Predestined to Meet

The Greek myth of love is that there were once three beings and that these were born of the sun, the earth, and the moon. Each creature was born complete with 2 heads, 4 arms, and 4 legs. The offspring of the sun was in the likeness of man, from the earth came a woman, and from the moon came a being of both female and male likeness. It was these singular sex creatures that inhabited the Earth until one day the beings angered the Gods so much that Zeus declared that they be split in half and their separate selves scattered across the world. The legend is that from that day onward people have searched for their other half. It is only when they find that one person who is their other half that they once again become complete and have contentment within.

Much like the principle that lies within this legend many individuals believe that we are indeed destined to search the Earth for that one person we can truly love who will make our life complete. Under this belief love could indeed be predestined.

Could animal magnetism be a primal nudge toward love? Individuals are physically and emotionally drawn to each other and perhaps this magnetism could be because the pairing is predestined to happen.

It is an undisputed fact that people are attracted to a specific type of individual. Physical attractiveness does play a role in a person's attraction to another but there are also other innate characteristics that come into play as well.

Sometimes it is the emotion that the other person displays, a feeling that emanates from them or their mannerism that attract us. This feeling of deep fascination toward another being could occur because that individual is a soul mate and the bond we are destined to share is completely beyond our control to avoid. It is also possible that these characteristics are ones that we have been raised to perceive as acceptable features for a love partner?

Most individuals eventually find someone that they classify as their true love but perhaps this love could occur a little sooner or be a little more enduring if the factors that taint our judgement could be removed and we could look solely at people as they are. Perhaps if our perception were not so clouded then the one destined to be our soul mate could be immediately recognized at first sight. If we are truly predestined to meet then this would be possible but perhaps our deep bonding into soul mates simply occurs through shared goals, experiences, and time spent together. Respect, admiration, and loyalty to one another can create a deep sense of unity based on feelings of understanding and devotion.

This would mean that soul mates are merely unions based on common interests with one anther. Simply discovering a person that one has the potential to admire and respect and then working at creating a relationship with this person could with the passing of time then create a pairing of soul mates.

So how do you know when you find the right one? It seems that there are so many wrong choices made in love and individuals who begin to feel that they may never find the one that they are actually meant to be with that it does cause the theory of predestined soul mates to be called into question. 
The sheer number  of these inaccurate attractions makes one wonder how we will recognize our true love when this meeting does occur. 

Anxiousness to be in love, a person's level of insecurity, over confidence, past emotional experiences that cloud thinking, and exposure to ideal image types alter how a person perceives those who would be a potential mate. All these factors come into play in the decisions that we make and each affects how we view the relationships that we entered into. Perhaps if a person could shake off a few of the ingrained images that now exist within the human psyche then perhaps we could simply notice in people the basic attributes which make them ideal companions for ourself. This might make it easier for us to discover a true soul mate. Keep in mind that a soul mate completes you without depleting you. A soul mate should make you feel comfortable and confident within their companionship and within yourself. 

It is my personal belief that we have many soul mates and that we may often pass by them in our daily routines. Because they are also seeking to find us we are destined to meet so our lives tend to intertwine. If you feel a deep sense of comfort, trust, and understanding when you are near someone then that person may be someone worth investigating a little closer, they may be a soul mate you were destined to meet.
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